Far From Home
Exhibition, Joensuu Art College, Finland, January 2003

"Far from home" was a response to my immigrating from Ireland to Finland. Although having only moved there a short time, I was able to let thecomparisons between th two countries materialize through my art.

Some of the materials I used to make some of the works were readily available to me, while others came to me by way of opportunity. The idea for making a bed of roses came to me after someone gave me a paper flower for a gift. The pillow was made using Irish newspapers I was previoiusly in possession of. When put into the context of being away from home I felt that the making of "Bed of Roses" was very appropriate.

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Items 39-42 (see details below)
Item 40
Far From Home 2
Spent Cartridges 30  x 36 x  21 cm
Item 41
Far From Home 3
Glass 44 x  66 x  44 cm
Item 42
Far From Home 4
Barbed Wire 70 x  60 x  40 cm
Item 43 (in front)
Bed of Roses
Finnish + Irish Newspapers 41 x  180 x  90 cm
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