Exhibition, University of Joensuu, Finland, June 2003

The kantele is a traditional Finnish stringed instrument. After visiting a local kantele making factory I was given a batch of reject body parts. The exhibition name "Trophy" derived from my interest in silver-birch fungus growths, a defect which causes a burst of small branch shoots to grow in concentrated areas of the tree, known as "witches broom". Often these clusters, resembling birds nests from a distance, grow in the outer reaches of the more mature trees. I would collect these clusters when they fell, their mass out-weighing the main branch, and such was my prize! The combination of kantele frames & mixed media, although not immediately obvious to me, developed as a result of having two sets of materials and thought processes working in close proximity to one another.

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Item 56
Kantele frames + tap + wood + sawdust  44 x  22 cm
Item 57
Kantele frames + silver birch + copper nail
Item 58
Kantele frames +  bullet + jewellery boxes + insects + pins
Item 59
Kantele frames + silver birch sapling
Item 60
Kantele frames + copper + brass
Item 61
Kantele frames + pike bone + feather + wood + shoe sole
Item 62
Kantele frames + brass + iron + wood
Item 63
Kantele frames + silver birch saplings
Item 64
Kantele frames + "knitwear" bottle
Item 65
Kantele frames + silver birch saplings + glass + rubber

Item 66
Kantele frames + taps + wood + sawdust

Item 67
Kantele frames + taps

Item 68
Kantele frames + tap + sink trap + brass + sawdust

Side view:
Item 70
Kantele frames + toothpicks

Side view:
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