Creggan Workshop
Creggan Co, Ireland, May 10th 2001

This childrens workshop was organised to coincide with the completion of two public sculptures in Creggan Co Armagh: "Common Thread" And "Clay of Creggan" by artists Aine Ivers and Patrick Ward. The children came from Crossmagien Primary School.

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In attendance: Back row L-R: Peter Carragher, Gary Rowland, Emmett Carragher, Ciaran McGuire, Gary Martin, Patrick Ward (Artist). Front row L-R: Aine Ivers (Artist), Grace McLoughlin, Sarah Mines, Mandy Reel, Dearbhla Faughey. All are pupils at St. Brigid's School, Glassdrummond, Co. Armagh. Teacher in attendance: Ms Keenan.
        These children attended the 10th May Workshop and saw our work in progress. They retumed to see the finished sculptures and to make sculptures of their own. We decided to introduce them to the possibilities for making sculptures using natural materials in the natural environment of The Poet's Glen. As we walked from the site of our sculptures, up to the Creggan River, the children collected twigs, leaves, moss stones and sand.
The children made sculptures in the natural environment using materials that they found around them. The aim was to encourage innovative use of materials and to promote awareness of the potential of environmental sculpture.
Peter and Gary made a castle and water-filled moat. They were aware of building a Crannog type structure, and were adept at binding twigs and mud to create their castle.
"Castle" Work In Progress.
"House" by Grace and Sarah.
"House" by Grace and Sarah.
Emmet recreated the Creggan Church and Crypt. His attention to detail, scale and use of materials was exceptional.
"Creggan Church and Crypt" by Emmet.
Mandy's and Dearbhla's work "Graveyard by the River" was, like there classmates, directly influenced by their surroundings. They paid attention to the placing of particular stones and leaves within the circular boundary.
"Graveyard by the River" by Mandy and Dearbhla.
"Branch and Twig Construction" by Gary and Ciaran. Gary and Ciaran, after a lot of wood collecting, were involved in a proeess of enclosing a fallen tree trunk with branches. The boys were excited about fitting together a large and complex structure of verticals and horizontals.

Conclusion: The sculptures made by the children were directly influenced by the environment about them, namely Creggan Churchyard, they improvised exceptionally well with the materials they found, and responded to the project with enthusiasm. They were also aware of the unique properties of working on such a location, and the temporary nature of the work they made. Ms. Keenan also must be mentioned - her contribution to the project was much appreciated.

Patrick Ward and Aine Ivers.
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